As parents, you try to guard your children from so much of the bad in the world. You tell them time and time again to do or not do something. But there are times when lessons need to be learned or when you need to push them to be brave or when you just can’t tell them for the 4,197th time to put it down. So you simply say, “Just Eat The $@#% Dirt!”.

This philosophy is for the adult in us as well. We may have said something we regretted to our spouse and need to swallow our pride to apologize, or go into our bosses office and demand a raise, or grow a pair to take the next leap in our own mom lives to prove to ourselves that we are more than just moms. Get up, brush off, and make it happen.

Eat The Dirt. Let that just roll off the tongue. Let it become the next best mantra out there; next to “Just Breathe” and “It Is What It Is”. Eat. The. Dirt.

Now go get a spoonful of it.

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