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Joseph Was No Marky Mark

Joseph Was No Marky Mark.

Have you ever thought about that? That, technically, Joseph was a stepparent?  This was a man who willingly took on the responsibility of raising a child who was not his own out of his love for the child’s mother and in obedience to God (what a dream that must have been!).

A little religiousy compared to my last few blogs on all things cow feces, but a topic I’ve pondered several times in my last eight years as a stepparent, and especially as we approach this Christmas season.

As usual, I’ll try to keep it funny, so don’t stone me if any of this chaps your Believing hindquarters.

Things I’ve pondered:

Can you imagine having God as the other parent?!!
Have you seen the movie, Daddy’s Home? [If He was in human, parent form] I imagine God as the cool, tatted-up Mark Wahlberg, pulling up in the driveway on his Harley with Redsox dugout tickets in his hand. And the son just loses his mind when Dad comes home, forgets you even exist. How could you ever measure up to Marky Mark?

And how do you get back-dated child support from God?
“Um….when you’re done shaping the world as we know it, do you mind direct depositing the last few months of support into my bank account? Or I’m going to have to call my lawyer.”

Jesus was a big brother.
I bet He was an awesome older brother.  Helping Mary throw away dirty diapers and grabbing pacifiers in the time of need. Probably taught his little brothers how to play basketball and showed them how easy it was to give sight to a frog (“No, no. You’re doing it wrong. You gotta hold your tongue like this”). Or was he like all older brothers; giving you toilet swirly’s, not wanting to drive you to school, and sticking gum in your hair, but having your back when the mean kid in 3rd grade picked on you.

And we say “half-siblings”, but if we do our jobs right as parents, the siblings only every see themselves as brothers and sisters. Equals in every sense of the word.

How did future holiday get-togethers go at Joseph’s parents’ house?
I can hear the phone call now. “Hey, Mom. My wife just had a baby boy. But it’s not mine. Do you mind if we come over for Easter?” (I get there’s no Easter yet. Don’t school me).  I’m going to believe that Joseph’s mama loved that little Jesus no different than any other grandkid. Spoiling the pants off him any chance she got. “Did you say you want a pony, little Jesus? How many and what colors?”

What a rumor mill
How would this play out if they had Instagram and Facebook? The neighbor tags Joseph in a meme that says something about “Seeing your Ex in ‘da Club with another man like…” or Mary making a status comment, “Hey, Francine. I found your nose. It was in my business again.” Instead, their gossip was probably carved out on stones or calligraphied (is that a word?) on scrolls and a pigeon flew it to the neighboring town to be disseminated. If it happens on Facebook…or papyrus, it must be true.

Life in a blended family is what many of us are used to. Juggling Christmas mornings and soccer practice pick-ups. Creating extra love through extended families. And making sure you spend absolutely as much quality time with everyone as you possibly can. It’s become the norm.  But let’s not forget that being a stepparent can be awesome, rewarding and…the way God intended our lives to be. I certainly wouldn’t trade my bonus boy for all the frankincense in the world.

Merry Christmas to everyone from Pilaroc Farms. Please remember the reason for the season.

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