…Wife and Mama always. I have asked myself this question over and over; Why are we doing this? Blame it on my fast-paced generation or on my personal characteristic flaw of impatience, it comes down to convenience. Moms in the 21st century don’t have time to google and compare and vet…and even if we did, we would rather not! 🙂

You know the phrase, “Those were the days.” I had a friend remind me today that “These are the days!” In a day and age where our lives move faster and our kids grow busier, moms need to use the little free time they have to be with their families. That is the reason we created this website. So that local moms can have a resource to go to and find the things that will make their lives easier and fill their “days” with memorable moments. We will continue to build this website and more community event pages in the 931 area code so that it can be as useful as possible. Thank you for your support as we embark on this journey!

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