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I awoke this past Friday to a sick kiddo.

After sending the eldest off to school, I loaded up the remaining three and out the door we go to the doctor. While in the waiting room, I receive a call from the school saying that MC is now sick. I explain that I am currently at the doctor’s office with Harper and the boys and that I will make my way to the school as soon as we are finished. One ear infection later, we pick up MC and then head into town for prescriptions. After running through the pharmacy drive-thru I stop at WalMart to pick up a few things I know I’ll need with a house full of kids that are under the weather. I park as close to the doors as possible, leave the van running, doors locked, the two littles asleep in their carseats and the bigs in the back watching YouTube videos.

Now let me just stop right here. It is cold and flu season, people. I am a mother of four; all of whom are currently sick and one who has a chronic illness and is immune suppressed. We take the Flu shot, but not everyone does, and although I cannot control everyone else, I can control, or at least limit our exposure.

Three minutes later I’ve returned to the van with my items and back out of the parking space. As I look to my left and right I notice a police car. No problem, I have ample time and space to pull out so I do and I drive on around the front of the building toward the exit.

Then it happened.

I look in my rear view mirror and see blue lights. I pull over, my mind reeling with what I possibly could have done wrong. As I put the van into park, I see there is a car to both the left AND right of me, AND one behind me. Y’all. Seriously. Three… Like I’m operating a mobile meth lab or something!

I’m either holding my breath or hyperventilating at this point. I’m not sure which one.

A very polite officer walks to the window and informs me that there had been a call reporting juveniles left in a car. Immediately, I begin to apologize and explain.  “Yes, officer, I did leave all four children in the van. We just left the doctor’s office. All four of them are sick.”

He literally took two steps back.

The polite and cheerful officer apologized to me for being an inconvenience and explained they had to check out what had been reported.  At that point, the officer who had been parked behind me (and obviously overheard the conversation) starts waving me back and telling me I’m good to go, and have a nice day.

I seriously can’t make this stuff up, y’all.

Moral of the story, don’t leave your kids in the car unless it’s cold and flu season, cause ain’t nobody got time for that!

* And just for the record, I’m glad there are people that care enough to make that call and that our police officers handle it with dignity and compassion.

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