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Thank you, Taco Bell.

Covered in poop, blood from a scalpel-cut index finger and arm hair that’s sticky from antiseptic solution, I realized how thankful I am for my life and business.

We worked cattle today. That means they all are now up-to-date on their vaccinations, animals are weighed, tags are replaced, etc. It’s like taking your baby for their 6-month doctor check-up, except you don’t have to sit in a waiting area for an hour trying to dodge the new antibiotic-resistant bacteria that’s harbored on the October 2014 copy of Parents Magazine you’re reading.

So many things went right, but soooo many things went wrong working cattle. It took longer than expected and any laid plan had to quickly be rescheduled. And it dawned on me just how many people are involved in making our business stay up and running.

Of course, I’m always thankful for family, friends, the air we breathe and the good Lord that makes it all possible. But today, I’m specifically thankful for:

After School Care. There was no way we were going to be done in time to pick up the CEO from school. With a calf testicle in one hand, and my phone in the other, a quick email is sent to her teacher and she would be on her way to after-school. I’m thankful she even has an after school. And I’m thankful for her teachers and after-school teachers. They take care of my rugrat like their own and I owe them tremendously.

I’m also very thankful for our school who lets me pick up our daughter covered in all things cow. Well, technically, they didn’t know I was coming in like that. But they may smell my remnants when the doors open in the morning.

The COO.  He had a long day. No lunch. Had to nap in the car (which means no nap). And was babysat by a used B.O.B. stroller with three flat tires and some generic Fritos.  I’m thankful he’s the most laid-back baby on the planet.

2006 Yukon. I’m thankful you can take the third-row seating out and the remaining space the size of the black hole acts as a play pen for a 9-month old wiggly worm.

Husbands. Working livestock is always a delight. And by delight, I mean a colonoscopy. But it wasn’t bad at all today. I’m thankful for a husband that has learned how to teach me to do things. This is no small task. As I’m a tiny bit stubborn. And a know-it-all.  And unteachable. Love him and our life.

Livestock Association. Our county livestock association allows its members to borrow a portable chute and panels to work their cattle. While we started our business in a better position than many many new farmers, funds to have the perfect working facility setup aren’t in our short-term budget appropriations. So to be able to use our associations chute is a vital for us to conduct business.

Taco Bell. My kids wouldn’t have eaten tonight if not for you. All I have in my cupboard is moldy bread, a 3-year old finger-wiped, empty peanut butter container (you can picture it, can’t you?) and some opened condiments from the Great Depression. Nothing suitable for calories. And a chicken supreme soft taco is suitable caloric intake for a 3 year old, no matter what you say.

Customers. So so thankful for our customers. Especially the flexible, understanding kind. Was supposed to make three scheduled meat deliveries today and the priorities of the farm came before everything. I asked if I could deliver another day, another time and all of them understood. Thank you, customers, for being awesome.

iPhone. I forgot our usual record-keeping book to write down weights, vaccine lot numbers, etc for the day. But the Notes app on my iPhone worked just fine. What did we do before such amazing technology?

Parents. I grew up not having any fear of animals. Thankful for parents that taught me how work in and around livestock. And to not be too girly; holding poop-covered needle caps in my mouth while giving a vaccine to a cow and a Cheerio to a toddler. What a childhood I had.


There sure are a lot of people that work for Pilaroc Farms. While they won’t be getting a 10-99 from us in January, the behind-the-scenes work they do, for us to be able to do what we do, is invaluable.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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